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  1. How to input employees?
    There are two ways to enter employee data, namely manually one by one or using the import feature with a template provided by Talenta. Learn more about how to manually input employee data  here  and how to input employee data in bulk  here.
  2. How to delete employees (delete employees)?
    You can delete employee data on Talenta using the "Delete Employee" feature. Learn more about deleting employee data here.
  3. How do I check my payslip?
    Super Admin can see the employee's Payslip on the employee's My Info. Likewise, employees can access Payslip from the My Info menu or via Talenta Mobile. Learn more about how to access Payslip in My Employee Info  here.
  4. Why can't delete employees?
    Before deleting an employee from the Employee List, you must ensure that the employee in question has never been involved in the Run Payroll process or other actions. Learn more about deleting employee data  here.
  5. How to view employee resignation data?
    Your employee data that has resigned is not lost from Talenta. You can still look back at the employee data on the Employee menu by changing the employee status filter to "Resign". Learn more about how to see a list of employees who have resigned here.
  6. How to make changes to PTKP?
    PTKP Status changes can only be made by Super Admin and Admin. PTKP Status updates are only made once a year if there is a change in employee PTKP status (usually done at the beginning of the tax year). Learn more about how to change PTKP status here. 
  7. How do I upload employee photos?
    You can use the Other Import feature on the Employee menu. Learn more about how to upload employee photos here.
  8. Why are employees who have resigned still in Active status?
    Employees who have just resigned will be "Non-Active" on the day before (D-1) the date of resignation. Learn more about how to resign an employee  here.
  9. How to do mass resignation of employees?
    You can mass resign employees by using the Mass Resign feature from the Employee menu. Learn more about how to do a Mass Resign  here.
  10. How to change employee data in bulk?
    You can use the Update Employee Data feature if there are data changes for several employees at once. Learn more about how to update employee data here.
  11. What does "Effective Date Can't be less or same than the last Employee Transfer Date" mean?
    When you make an Employee Transfer, whether for a position, branch, or something else, the effective date cannot be less than or the same as the end date for the Employee Transfer. Learn more about the Employee Transfer feature here.
  12. How do I submit a Time Off/Overtime/Reimbursement/Attendance request for employees?
    If you use the ESS feature, employees can independently apply for leave, overtime, reimbursement, and attendance. The Super Admin can manually record requests from employees regarding Time Off, Overtime, Attendance, and Reimbursement to the Talent system via the Employee menu. Click on the following link to learn how: how to request time off, overtime, attendance, and reimbursement .
  13. How to see the status of submitting Time Off/ Overtime/ Reimbursement/ Attendance requests submitted by employees?
    There are four types of status for submissions made by employees, namely "Pending", "Approved", "Rejected" and "Cancelled". Learn more about the status of submitting employee reimbursement  here  and the status of submitting attendance data here.