Time Off Menu Overview

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Time off or leave is a sub-menu that can be used to manage employee leave. In this menu, you can manage the leave policy that applies to the company, such as making new policies and changing policy arrangements to use the policy for employees.

Sub-menu time off can be accessed through Tab Time Management's menu bar.


Here is the display of the sub-menu time off:

No Column Description
1. Assign or Update Click to create an Assign transaction or update Balance leave/permission and will be stored the history of changes.
2. Create Time Off Click to create a new leave/permit policy setting.
3. View Settings Click to see the details of the settings of each type of leave/permit.
4. Time Off Simulation Click to simulate the calculation of the leave/permission balance.
5. Export Click to download the Template Update Balance leave/permission mass.
6. Import Click to upload message update templates in mass. This method does not store a history of changes in the number of leave/permission.
7. Showing & Search Click to choose how many types of leave you want to display or can search for more specific ones.
8. Delete Time Off Click to delete the leave/permission settings that have been made. This button functions only for types of leave/permits that have never been assigned and used by employees.
9. Log History Click to view and download the Balance Leave/Permit report in detail per employee.
10. Expired Date Is an expiration date for leave/permission. If this column is filled, the related leave/permit becomes invalid.
11. Effective Date Is the initial date of enactment of leave/permission.
12. Code Displays leave/permission code. Click to see the details of the leave/permit settings.
13. Name Showing all leave that has been made by company policy.

This is an explanation of the time off menu. Learn how to manage Roster Leave, here.