How to Arrange an Organization Chart on the Employees Menu on Talenta Web

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Within a company, there are various positions and certain divisions. Each division has its own composition in which each position has a division of tasks and roles. Everything is presented in an organizational structure in the form of a chart.

On Talenta, Super Admin can add complete information such as setup manager individually or in bulk. Apart from that, Super Admin can also adjust the visibility of information that can be seen by employees through the custom setting of the Employee Organization Chart Module. Thus, Employees can access this information in the form of an Organization Chart with only the necessary information.

Here's how to compile an organization chart (organizational structure) on Talenta web that can be done by the Super Admin:

  1. Sign in to your Talenta account.
  2. Click the "Employees" menu and select the Employee directory.

  3. Then, click “Org chart”.
  4. If you haven't set up a manager yet, click “(Amount) employees not set”.
  5. Click "Select manager" to select a manager one by one the employee names in the pop-up that appears. Move from page to page by clicking the “<” or “>” and the “Down arrow” icon. When finished, click "Primary".

    - Apart from this menu, you can select Managers via Employees info individually, for the guide, click here.
    - You can also choose Manager in bulk by clicking here. In this guide, you will get information on how to change information on General info Talenta in bulk, so make sure you select General info as follows.

  6. Therefore, the Organization Chart will look like the following.


    Name of Button/Icon



    Zoom in

    Button to enlarge the chart view.


    Zoom out

    Button to zoom out of the chart.


    Fit to screen

    The button to make the diagram view the size of your screen.



    Filter the information displayed by the chart based on:

    • Employee name
    • Photo
    • Organization
    • Job position
    • Branch


    Find me

    Button to find where you are in the chart.


    Expand all

    Button to clear all collapses and display all collations that have been created.



    Button to download the diagram in image format (Export Image) and PDF.



    The button to open the guidebook "How to View the Organization Chart on the Employees Menu on Talent Web".


    Search bar

    Columns to search for names, employee positions, and so on.


    Collapse (hide)

    Button to hide the stack underneath.


    Collapse (show)

    Button to display the order below shown in numbers. The figure shows the number of employees whose chart view is hidden.

    To be accessible to employees, Super Admin needs to change the organization chart visibility settings in Settings. Click here to see the guide.

This is how to compile an organization chart on the Employees menu in Talenta. Learn about other features, such as Prorate Import and Export, here.