How to Manage Notifications

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In this section, you will learn how to manage the notifications that you get on Talenta. The notifications displayed on Talenta are based on the type, such as Employee transfer, resignation, and others.

Here are the steps to manage notifications on Talenta:

  1. Go to Company menu.
  2. Select "Notification".
  3. Filter the notifications you want to display by period.
  4. You can filter the notifications you want to display by status.
  5. In addition, you can filter the notifications you want to display by type.
  6. Click "Apply" to apply the filter.
  7. A list of notifications will be displayed as follows.

    - Type: The type of type you are filtering (example: Resignation)
    - Description: Employee ID and name of the employee.
    - Effective date: Employee's resignation date.
    - Payroll Name: The payroll schedule used.
    - Payroll Month: Payroll period.
    - Created By: The name of the user who created the resign transaction in Talenta.
    - Created Date: The date of the resignation transaction creation in Talenta.
    - Status Canceled: If the employee cancels resignation.
    - Status Skip: The user did not run the payroll process.
    - Status Completed: The payroll run process has been done on the previous need action status.
    - Need Action: Need to run payroll for the recalculate process.

That's how to manage notifications in Talenta. Learn about the Company Menu Overview here.