Company Menu Overview

How to Manage Assets Data

How to Manage the Announcement Feature

How to Manage the Reprimand Letter Feature

How to Manage Task Feature

How to Manage Project Feature

How to Monitor User Activity History (User Activity Log)

How to Manage Notifications

Talenta Onboarding Overview

How to Manage Onboarding Task Details, Forms, Documents and Work Locations

How to Start Employee Onboarding

How to Set Employee Onboarding

Talenta Offboarding Overview

How to View and Manage Offboarding Details

How to Start Offboarding Employee

How to Set Offboarding Employee

How to Manage Files (Documents) on Talenta

How to Bulk Upload File

How to Manage the New File Notification Feature

How to Manage File Reminder Feature

Report Builder Overview

How to Create Basic Report Builder

How to Create a Pivot Report Builder

How to Manage Talenta Forms

How to Make Changes to Settings on Talenta Forms

How to Create a Poll Using Talenta Forms

How to Manage Document Templates

How to Integrate Overtime Data with Document Templates

How to Integrate Employee Transfer Data with Document Templates