How to Monitor User Activity History (User Activity Log)

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In this section, you will learn how to monitor user activity history in the company. In the User Activity log section, you can view or monitor the various activities of users in your company, both related to activities that you do yourself or other users. The activities displayed are usually related to who is logged in, the payroll run process, and others.

Here are the steps to monitor the user activity history in Talenta.

  1. Go to the Company menu.
  2. Select User Activity Log.
  3. Then the display of the User Activity Log page will look like this.
  4. Enter the start date and end date of the user activity history activity that you want to monitor.

    The default date that appears:
    - Default end date: today's date
    - Default start date: 30 days back

  5. You can input the start date and end date with a maximum range of 1 year back. For example, start date: 14 Oct 2020 and end date: 14 Oct 2021. If you input a date that exceeds the maximum range, the following notification will appear.


  6. Then, you can also filter certain user activities by ticking the email user whose activity you want to monitor.

    You can filter multiple emails.

  7. Then click "Apply Filter" to apply the filter.
  8. Then the activity history displayed will match what you filtered before.
  9. You can also search for certain activities by writing keywords in the Search field provided, then the activity will be displayed according to the keywords you wrote.
  10. You can click "Export" to download the user activity history in Excel.
  11. Then filter the period of the user activity history that you want to download.

    The period range you export can exceed 1 year.

  12. Click “Export”.
  13. Click “Check your Inbox”.
  14. Then the incoming inbox will look like the following. Click the inbox with the Subject Log File Request.
  15. Click “Download”.
  16. The downloaded Excel file will be as follows.

That's how to monitor user activity history in Talenta. Learn about the Company Menu Overview here.