Company Menu Overview

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The Company menu is a menu used to manage all of your company's administrative data.

The following is a brief explanation of the Company menu.


No Sub-Menu Explanation
1 Asset Manage all company assets, whether loaned to employees or not.
2 Announcement Manage announcements given to all company employees.
3 Reprimand Manage the types of reprimand letters that apply in the company and the list of warning letters given to employees.
4 Task  Manage tasks assigned to specific employees (on a 1on1 basis).
5 User Activity Log Monitor user activity history within the company.
6 Notification Manage notifications received by the company.
7 Onboarding Manage activities assigned to employees who have just joined the company.
8 Files Manage all company documents including documents distributed to employees and other documents.
9 Polling  Manage the voting process within the company.
10 Report Buider Manage company data by creating reports according to each need based on raw data provided by Talenta.
11 Forms Manage forms that can be used to create forms, surveys or polls from within Talenta.
12 Document Template Manage company document templates, both those distributed to employees and other company documents.

This is a overview of Company menu. Learn how to manage company information in the Settings Menu here.