How to Invite Assessment for New Talent Recruitment

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After going through the Screening (Candidate review) process, you as Super Admin will continue the recruitment stage or Move stage to the Assessment stage. In this case, candidates are required to complete the assessment provided by the company. Previously, you needed to carry out an Invite Assessment to the candidate first. Here are the steps.

  1. Click the "Screening" tab then select one of the candidate names.1.1.png
  2. Then click "Move stage" and select "Personality test" in the Assessment section.

    You can learn more about the Assessment setup process here.

  3. Klik “Invite to Assessment” untuk mengatur jadwal pengerjaan Assessment untuk kandidat.
  4. Then the following display will appear. Select the location for the assignment which consists of On-site and Online.

    - If you want the candidate to do assignments On-site, then you can fill in the address and office room details in the Office column.
    - If you want candidates to do assignments Online, then you can enter the URL link in the Assessment link column.

  5. Next, fill in the date and time for the On-site Assessment if you want the candidate to do the task in the office.
  6. If you want candidates to take the assessment online, then fill in the Due date and Time columns as follows.
  7. Then you can tick the following toggle to send the Invitation via email.
  8. Then fill in the instructions for carrying out the task. These instructions will appear in the Invitation email to candidates.
  9. Next, click "Browse file" to upload the Assessment.
  10. Then determine the Assessor who will assess the candidate's Assessment. In this case, you can also add more than one assessor by clicking "Add assessor".
  11. If all the data has been filled in, you can click "Preview email" to preview the Assessment invitation email for candidates.
  12. Then an email preview display will appear as follows. Make sure all the contents are correct, then click "Send".
  13. After that, click “Save”.

    You can edit and cancel the Assessment Schedule that has been successfully uploaded again.


    That is how to carry out an Invite assessment for candidates. Next you will learn how to manage interview schedules on New Talenta Recruitment.