How to Monitor Candidate Details and Move Stage in New Talent Recruitment

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After adding candidates, you can monitor the recruitment progress of each candidate and move stages in the recruitment process. Here are the steps.

  1. Click on a candidate's name.
  2. Then you will see the following display. You can manage and monitor the candidate recruitment process on this page.
    No Feature Name Explanation
    1 More Button that directs you to manage candidate status data.
    - Move to another job listing: move the candidate to another job position and change the status of the recruitment stage.
    - Not interested: not interested in continuing the recruitment process for the relevant candidate. In this case the candidate did not successfully pass the recruitment stage.
    - Archive: archive candidate information.
    - Mark as spam: marks candidate information as spam.
    - Delete: delete candidate data.
    - Block: blocks candidate data.
    2 Profile picture Candidate profile photo.
    3 Candidate name Candidate name.
    4 Company name Companies where the candidate worked previously.
    5 Email Candidate email address.
    6 Phone number Candidate telephone number.
    7 Candidate profile Contains columns for uploading Resume and Portfolio. (This feature is coming soon).
    8 Offers Job offer letter for candidates.
    9 Applied job position Job position applied for.
    10 Applied date The date the candidate applied for the job.
    11 Recruitment status Current status of recruitment stages.
    12 Move stage Moving of recruitment stages. If you move the recruitment stage, the recruitment status will update to reflect the current stage.

That is how to manage and monitor the candidate recruitment process. Next, learn about how to archive a CV on New Talenta Recruitment.