How to Archive Candidate Data on New Talenta Recruitment

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Currently, you can easily archive candidate data on New Talenta Recruitment. Based on this, you can save the resumes of candidates who did not make it through to the next stage (Not interested), the resumes of candidates who were blacklisted (Block) and candidates who rejected the offer to join the company (decline offering). The following are the steps for archiving a candidate's CV.

  1. On the Candidate page, select one of the candidate names.
  2. Then you will see the following display. Click “More” to proceed.5.png
  3. Then select "Archive".
  4. Then the following notification will appear stating that the candidate information has been successfully archived.
  5. Then the Recruitment status will change to 'Archived'.
  6. You can return to the main Candidate menu page to review archived candidate information by clicking "Archived". Then the data will appear as follows.9.png
  7. To bring back archived candidate data, you can click the three dot icon below then select "Move to another job listing".10.png
  8. Then you will be directed to the following screen. Re-determine the Job position and Hiring stage for selected candidates.
  9. Then click “Move”.
  10. Next, the status of the selected candidates will change from Archived to New candidates according to the Hiring stage that has been selected.

That is how to archive candidate data in New Talenta Recruitment. Next, you can learn how to add and carry out an Invite Assessment on New Talent Recruitment here.