Overview Job Listings Menu on New Talenta Recruitment

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Job Listings is a menu in New Talenta Recruitment which is used to create and manage job recruitment stages which will later be followed by employee candidates.

The following is a brief explanation of the appearance of the Job Listings menu:



No. Feature Description
1. Create job listing Button to add new job vacancies.
2. Filters 

A feature that can make it easier for you to search Job listing data in more detail through columns that you can filter by By jobs, By publications, and By hiring team.

The By jobs filter consists of the following columns:

- Work location:Filter by work location.
- Organization: Filter by organization name.
- Employment status: Filter by employee status.
- Working type: Filter by available job types.

The filter By publications consists of the following columns:
- Publication date: Job recruitment upload date.
- Closing date: Deadline for job recruitment.
- Publication platform: Recruitment upload source/location.
- Creator: The role who made the recruitment.


The filter By hiring team consists of the following columns:


3. Filters for “Publication status” A filter that will make it easier for you to filter data based on the recruitment Publication status that has been created.
For example, if you want to see data that has been successfully uploaded, you can click the "Published" filter. Then the following display will appear.2.png
4. Filters for managing data information tables This is a feature that makes it easier for you to filter and manage recruitment information table data.
5. Search bar Column for searching based on certain keywords related to recruitment information.
6. Information Table Displays detailed information related to new employee recruitment.
7. “Triple dot” icon Button to manage recruitment information for each data listed in the table.


That is an overview of the Job List menu on New Talenta Recruitment. Furthermore, learn about how to create a job listing on New Talent Recruitment.