How to Retry Failed Disbursement in Talenta

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Through Talenta, you can make disbursement after running payroll. When making a disbursement, there are several possible statuses that you will receive on the disbursement details page, as follows:

No. Disbursement status Description
1 Disbursement success Disbursement sent successfully.
2 Disbursement failed Disbursement failed to send.

There are several possibilities for your disbursement to fail to be sent by the system, for example, account details are inactive or incorrect.

3 Ongoing disbursement Disbursement is in the process of being sent.
4 Disbursement prepared Disbursement is being prepared in the delivery queue process.

If create disbursement fails, you can create a disbursement again and update your bank account by following these steps:

  1. Click “Check disbursement status” to go to the disbursement details page.
  2. Then, you will be directed to the disbursement details page as shown in this image. You can see the disbursement list in the highlighted section .
  3. If there is more than one account under one employee's name, then you can click the "down arrow" icon, then click "Retry" on the disbursement account with the status Disbursement failed.
  4. Therefore, there is a sidebar that appears as follows for actions. You can select the name of the disbursement destination bank in the Bank name column and the account number in the Bank account number column. Then, click "Check" to see whether the account number is valid or not.

    - If the disbursement is still not successful, you can contact the Talenta support team by clicking "Contact support".
    - Changes to bank account data will not change the bank account data that has been entered in Employee Payroll Info.

  5. Then, click "Retry disbursement".
  6. A pop-up confirmation appears, click “Retry disbursement”  to continue this action.
  7. Finally, the disbursement status will change to "Processing". The status will change again to "Success" if the disbursement retry is successful.

This is a guide on disbursement retry actions to overcome failed disbursement in Talenta. Furthermore, you can learn about how to run payroll, here.