How to Create an Auto Schedule in the Settings Menu

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Apart from manually, those of you with the Super Admin/Admin role can create schedules automatically with the Auto Schedule feature. This feature in Mekari Talenta can cut the time for the process of distributing employee schedules, especially if some employees have not received a schedule. 

In addition, scheduling can optimally cover existing shifts and avoid errors or discrepancies when creating schedules manually. The system automatically distributes schedules based on certain criteria which you can arrange according to your needs.

You can follow these steps to create an Auto Schedule.

  1. Enter the Account Settings menu.
  2. Then, click the Time Management tab and select Auto schedule.
  3. There is a different display for first-time users and those who have already created an Auto schedule. If you are a first-time user, click “Learn more” to study this manual.
  4. Next, you can set employee working hours by clicking "Set up now".
  5. Then, you will be directed to the Working hour set up page. The working hour set up needs to be arranged so that the quota of working hours per day is met.
No. Column/Button Name Description
1 Add job position

Click to add a job position column if you will be assigned more than one position with this working hour schedule. 

The following is an example of working hours with 6 different job positions with different working hour policies.

2 Search job positions Type the specific job title you want to search for in this search bar column.
3 Job positions Select the job position you want to set for auto-schedule purposes
4 Work hours per day Determine the maximum working hours for employees with the chosen job position per day.
5 Day off per week Determine the maximum number of days off for employees with the chosen job position per week.
6 Day off on weekend Activate this toggle button to allow the system to provide holidays on Saturday/Sunday.
7 Delete Click to delete the job position and its settings.
  1. If the data entered is correct, click "Save".
  2. Next, you can create a new Auto schedule preset by clicking "Create new preset".
  3. Then, you will be directed to the Create new preset page as follows. You can complete the required information, such as daily shift assignments and the number of employees you assign in the appropriate columns.
No. Column/Button Name Description
1 Name Fill in this column with the preset name.
2 Description You can optionally include a description of this preset by completing this field.
3 Includes time off Activate this toggle button to allow the system to provide a work schedule even though the employee has submitted leave
4 Include holidays Activate this toggle button to allow the system to provide work schedules for holidays (national, company, and special holidays).
  1. Next, you can set the shift in the Set shift section. Here, you can group shifts by group. Follow the following explanation.
No. Column/Button Name Description
1 Select days Select shift days for each group. Then, click the “down arrow” icon to determine the shift.
2 Select shift Select the shift for the group.

- The shifts available in this option are the shifts you have previously set here.
- The shifts that appear here are only work shifts (day offs and holidays do not appear).

3 Select job position Select which employees with job titles will be assigned to this shift.

The options that appear correspond to the settings you have previously made during the Set work hour stage. If you do not find a suitable job position, click "working hour set up" to set work hours again.

4 Total employees Determine how many employees you are assigning.

- The system will select employees with randomly selected positions using the equal distribution method, which means the system tries to provide schedules evenly.
- If you activate Include time-off or Include holiday, then employees who are on leave or holidays will potentially still get random shift assignments to meet the number of employees needed during the shift.

5 Copy Click to copy the group that has been set.
6 Delete Click to delete groups or shifts based on job position.
7 Add job position Click to add other positions to the shift group.
8 Add shifts Click to add shifts to be assigned to employees with specific job titles.
9 Add shift group Click to add another shift group.

In 1 preset, the user must specify Monday - Sunday to be able to save the preset.

  1. If the data entered is correct, click "Save".
  2. Hence, the preset has been successfully created. Click “Open auto schedule” on the pop-up that appears.
  3. Next, you will be directed to the Auto schedule preset list page. Here, you can see all the Auto-schedule presets that you have previously created. You can see the NameAssigned to (Auto schedule assigned to), Description (Auto schedule description), and Last edited (Last edited) information.
  4. You can also perform certain actions on the Auto schedule preset that has been created by clicking "Actions".
  5. Click Edit to change the Auto schedule preset settings or click Delete to delete the preset.

    You cannot delete presets that have created auto schedule transactions with status = draft, and status = unpublish.

  6. If you want to add a new Auto schedule preset, then click "Create new preset" on the Auto schedule settings page.

    On this page, you can see the maximum number of job positions that you have set. To change it, click “Working hour set up: (amount) job positions >”.

  7. Then, you will be directed to the Create new preset page as in step number 8.

That's the guide on how to create an Auto schedule in the Talenta settings menu. Furthermore, you can learn how to organize employee rest hours here.