How to Make a Schedule on the Settings Menu

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Each employee is required to have one basic work schedule, even though later the employee will work random shifts. However, to be able to set a schedule, you must first make shifts and breaks.

Here are the steps:

A. Add Schedule Manually

  1. Enter the Settings menu and select Account Settings .
  2. Select the "Attendance" tab.
  3. Select the "Schedule" tab.
  4. Click “Add Schedule” and select Single Add.
  5. Fill in the name of the work schedule in the Name column and fill in the effective date of the work schedule in the Effective date column.
  6. Check additional settings in the Settings section.

    - Check Override National Holiday, if national holidays will be counted as working days.
    - Check Override Company Holiday, if company holidays specified in the Calendar menu will be counted as working days.
    - Check Flexible, if flexible work schedules are applied to employees who use the relevant work schedule,

  7. Enter and select the shift you have created on the Shifts tab, or click “Add new shift” to create a new shift.
  8. The following is a view of the shifts that you have added to the schedule (work schedule).
  9. Activate initial shift on the first shift used per effective date.
  10. Click the  “-”  icon to remove a shift from the work schedule list.
  11. Click "Preview"  to preview the work schedule that will be made.
  12. The following is the display of the Preview that is displayed. You can use this Preview feature as a simulation to see the work schedule made from the schedule that you created.
  13. Click "Submit"  to save the new work schedule.
  14. The following shows the work schedule that has been made.
  15. Click "Edit" to change the work schedule.

    The work schedule that you can edit is a schedule that has never been assigned to an employee.

  16. Click the  “dot three” icon then select  Permanently delete to delete the work schedule.

    Work Schedules that you can delete are work schedules that have never been assigned to employees.

  17. You can also click  "Set Inactive"  to deactivate the work schedule.
  18. If you choose to Set Inactive, a pop-up will appear like this. Click "Set Inactive" to continue.
  19. Therefore, the work schedule that you have created will be on the Inactive tab page as follows.

    After the work schedule has been set inactive, the schedule cannot be used and does not appear in the assigned schedule process.

  20. If you want to reactivate it, click "Set Active" and your schedule will move to the Active tab page.
  21. Use the Export button to download your to-do list. This Export button can also be used as a template for mass updating the schedule (work schedule).
  22. Click “Bulk Update” to upload your updated schedule data.

    Schedules that you can update are schedules that have not been attached to employees.

  23. You can use the  Search  field to search for a specific work schedule.

B. Adding Schedules in Mass

  1. Enter the  Settings menu and select Account Settings .
  2. Select the "Attendance" tab.
  3. Select the "Schedule" tab.
  4. Click “Add Schedule” and select Bulk Add .
  5. Download the work schedule template provided.
  6. Complete the information from the work schedule you want to add.
  7. If you want to enter shift information, in the Shift Id and Shift Name columns, you can enter it according to the information on the   Shift List sheetThe system only reads Shift Id .
    The Shift Name column is only provided to assist users in mapping Shift Id and Shift Name only.
  8. After the template has been completed and saved. You can return to the Talenta page, click "Choose file" and select the file that you have previously completed.
  9. Click "Submit" and a list of new work schedules will be added.  

This is an explanation of how to create a schedule on the Settings menu. Furthermore, you can learn how to manage attendance, here.