How to Manage Reimbursement Disbursement

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Currently, you can do reimbursement disbursements that do not include take-home pay through Talenta. With this feature, it allows you to make reimbursement payments more flexible. But first, you need to learn how to create a reimbursement policy here .

Here are the steps:

A. How to Make a Reimbursement Disbursement

  1. Click on the "Finance" menu, and select "Reimbursement".
  2. Click “Disbursement” button.
  3. To make a Reimbursement, you tick one or more transactions that you want to process with the status Ready to disburse, then click "Create disbursement".
  4. Or you can also click the "Create disbursement" button.
  5. Then, you will be redirected to the following page.
    No Column Explanation
    1 All reimbursement request To see all reimbursement requests that you have selected.
    2 Reimbursement request To see the total number of employees who submitted reimbursement requests.
    3 Total amount Nominal of the total reimbursement submitted.
    4 Mekari Pay Saldo The total nominal value of your Mekari Pay balance.
    5 Select Reimbursement name To filter by name or reimbursement policies you have created.
    6 Approved date To filter by approved reimbursement date.
    7 All filter To show a broader filter based on:
    • Approved date
    • Reimbursement name
    • Request date
    • Organization
    • Branch
    • Job position
    8 Kolom Pencarian To search for reimbursement based on certain keywords.
    9 Kolom karyawan Here, you can select and view a list of employee reimbursements along with their amounts.
  6. If the reimbursement amount is correct, click "Submit".
  7. Then, the following pop-up will appear and click "Submit".
  8. Then the reimbursement has been successfully submitted and the status will change to Waiting for payment.

    All reimbursement disbursements will be processed through Mekari Expense.

  9. To see reimbursement details, you can click "See details".
  10. Your reimbursement details will look like this.

    There are 4 statuses in the Approval history section, including:
    Requested: Reimbursement has been submitted.
    Approved by: The proposed reimbursement has been approved.
    Waiting for payment: Reimbursement is waiting for payment.

B. How to View Disbursement History 

You can view the history or history of reimbursement disbursements that you made in the following way.

  1. Click the “Disbursement history” tab.
  2. You can click the "See details" button to view transaction details.
  3. The transaction details that you have made will look like this.

This is an explanation of how to manage reimbursement disbursements. Next, you can learn How to Manage Reimbursement in Need My Approval.