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You can use Payroll History if after running payroll, you want to lock run payroll access (the payroll data for the employee in question cannot be changed again after being locked), and you want employees to be able to directly access their respective payslips.

In the Payroll History, there is a list of Payrolls that are in process or have been processed every period or month. In addition, there are features that help you to take action in the approval process, such as requesting Payroll Approval, locking/unlocking Payroll, publishing/unpublishing Payslips, seeing Payroll status in real-time per employee, and viewing Reports. Click here to learn how to manage Payroll History.

This feature can only be accessed by Superadmin.

Here's a quick look at the Payroll History page on the Payroll menu in the new View.

  1. Open the Payroll menu and click "Payroll History".

    Payroll History can also be accessed through "View Reports" by clicking "See Payroll History".

  2. Then the Payroll History view will appear as follows. 
    A1. png
    No. Name of Button/Section Description
    1 Download E-Banking Button to download E-Banking Payroll.
    2 Disbursement Button to view the Disbursement page.
    3 Year Filters Filter to see the list by year.
    4 Previous/After Period Button to view the list of periods before (<) and after (>).
    5 Guidebook Button to view the guidebook How to Manage Payroll History Feature.
    6 search bar Field to search data on the list.
    7 View Payrolls There are detailed payroll data, such as Period, Last updated, Total employees, Reports, and Payroll status. You can see the payroll details by clicking "View".
    8 Request approval

    This button appears if the payroll status is in the Need my approval status. Users can request payroll approval to then proceed to the Publish/unpublish payslip status stage. 

    If payroll calculations are executed after the request has been approved, the status returns to the initial stage and another approval is required.

    9 Process payslips This button appears when the payroll status is in the process of being published. Users can publish a payslip if the payroll condition is locked. The system will automatically lock the payroll if the user publishes the payroll. In this feature, users can unpublish payslips without unlocking payrolls.
    10 View details This button appears when the payslips for all employees in that period have been published and the payroll status becomes Published. If you click this button, you will be directed to the Payroll details page.
    11 Three Dots (Three Dots) This button is used to perform the following actions:
    • Approval history
    • Disbursements (per period)
    • Download E-Banking

This is an overview of Payroll History. Learn briefly about the Payroll Menu here.