Talenta Offboarding Overview

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Talenta has an  Offboarding feature that simplifies managing and monitoring your company's employee resignation process. With Offboarding, employees can resign by going through the approval process. Furthermore, you can arrange a procedure in the form of a Task that must be carried out by employees when they resign and designate their Persons in Charge. You can also use the employee resignation feature individually or in bulk.

This feature is only available on Enterprise/Plus packages. Contact our support team at support-hr@mekari.com to upgrade your packages.

To learn about the Offboarding features as a whole, those of you with the Superadmin/admin role need to study how the Offboarding page looks in the guide first which is explained in the manual as follows:

  1. In Talenta, select the Company menu.
  2. Click  "Offboarding".
  3. Then, you will see the Offboarding page display as follows.
    A2. png
    No. Column/Button Names Description
    1 Filter Column for applying filters to the list of employees listed on the Offboarding page.
    2 Guidebook Click to see Offboarding at a Glance guide on Talenta.
    3 Search bar Column to search for certain keywords in the list of employees.
    4 Settings Shortcut key to go to the Offboarding settings menu.
    5 Checkbox Button to select specific employees in bulk.
    6 Actions Click to perform specific actions on the employee, such as:
    Start offboard:  To start the offboarding process for an employee with the  Ready to offboard status.
    Complete offboard: To Complete the offboarding procedure for employees with In progress  status until it changes to  Completed.
    Details:  To view details regarding Offboarding for the employee.
    7 Details Click to view details regarding Offboarding for that employee.

This is an overview guide about Offboarding on Talenta. Furthermore, to start the Offboarding process, you can manage the Offboarding Task Template and Form Settings, learn the guide here.