How to Manage Payroll Approval

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On Talenta, as the Super Admin, you can make payroll approval arrangements before proceeding to the next process, where you can arrange who can issue employee payslips. If the payroll approval feature is activated, parties other than the Super Admin need to apply for access to be able to lock payroll (payroll data for the period concerned cannot be changed again after being locked), and issue employee payslips.

Following are the steps for setting up approval, submitting access requests, and how to give approval:

A. How to Access Payroll Approval Settings

  1. You can click the down arrow next to the profile photo. Then select Account Setting.
  2. Select the ESS tab.
  3. And select the Approval tab.
  4. Then in the Payroll section, if you haven't activated the payroll approval feature, the status that appears is No Approval, and to activate it, you can click "No Approval".
  5. If this feature is active, the status will change to Need Approval.
  6. Then, to make approval settings, you can click “Edit”.
  7. Then you will be directed to the following display. For a more detailed explanation regarding approval settings, you can see the explanation here.

B. How to Make an Access Request on the Payroll History Menu

  1. Go to Payroll menu.
  2. Select Payroll History.
  3. Select the payroll period you want to access.

  4. Click “Request Approval”.
  5. Then an information pop-up will appear regarding the period, branch, and schedule of the payroll that you want to submit an access request for, then click “Request payroll approval”.

  6. Then, your payroll status will change to Need approval.

  7. Click “View approval” to view payroll approval details.
  8. If your application for approval has been approved by the approver or PIC, then the status of your application for payroll access will change to Approved.

    - If your application for approval is rejected, you will need to apply for payroll access again.
    - If in your payroll approval setting there are several approvers, approval is required up to the last layer to become approved.

C. How to Approve or Reject a Payroll Access Application

  1. Go to Inbox.
  2. Select Payroll tab.
  3. Select the list of payroll access applications that you will process.
  4. Then the details of the access application will be shown as follows.
  5. You can click "View Report" to view detailed salary information. You can also click "Accept" to agree or "Reject" to refuse access.

    Keep in mind that the access restrictions to the view report still apply, based on the access role assigned.

That's how to do payroll approval on Talenta. Learn more about the reports in Talenta here.