How to Set or Change Approval

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Approval is the feature that is used to manage approval pathways and requests, such as time off requests that employees submit. You can change the approval in the Settings section.

Follow these steps to manage the approval line:

  1. Enter the Settings menu.
  2. Click the ESS tab and select the Approval tab.
  3. Click "Edit" in the Request section to set the minimum and maximum request limits.
  4. Fill in the minimum or maximum request limit and click  "Save" .

    - Enter the number 7 if the leave can be requested a maximum of H+7 from the leave date.
    - Fill in the number -7 if the leave must be requested no later than D-7 from the first day of the leave.

  5. Click "Copy" in the Approval section to copy the approval path policy in the previous request settings.
  6. Click "New" in the Approval  section to set a different approval path for each request. 
  7. The "No Approval" button when clicked will function to set the approval path for adding employees.

    ESS setting approval only applies to add employees and does not apply to Bulk Add Employees via import.

  8. Click "Edit" in the Approval  section to set the approval path.

    Enhancement of mobile live attendance approval follows the approval request attendance settings in the ESS settings.

  9. Then a pop-up like this will appear. Here, you can add a list to whom (subject) the approval setting applies by clicking  "Add More" .
  10. The Setting column functions to choose to whom (subject) this approval setting will apply. Users can make arrangements with several options (all employees, job, organization, job level, employee ID, branch).

    - Select Settings for all employees, then the Value column automatically becomes a gray area.
    - When choosing a Job, you need to choose the Job Position you want to set for approval (CEO, HRD Staff, etc.).

  11. Fill in the specifications according to the settings that have been selected in the setting column in the Value column.
  12. If Auto Ascend is checked, then when the job position is empty, the request will be forwarded to the job position on the top layer.
  13. In the Position column, there is an Up Down function to move the subject order or approval path.
  14. Click "Rule" to determine the approver layer.
  15. Approval lists can be made in more than one layer by clicking the  "Add more"  button on the approval rules page so that the request can only be approved if it has been approved by several levels of approval.
  16. Then, in the Settings column, you can choose approval based on  Upper Job PositionEmployee ID, or Consultant .
  17. Fill in the Request Type.

    Requested : Employees can make their own requests.
    Requester : Employees cannot make requests themselves.

  18. Fill in the Value column based on the Job Position level that has the approval.

    - Fill in the value 1: If the GA Staff requests time off, then the approval is HRD & GA Supervisor.
    - Fill in 2 values: If the GA Staff requests time off, then the HRD & GA Manager approves it.

  19. Click "Save" to save the approval policy changes.

This is an explanation of how to set or change approval. Furthermore, you can learn how to set approval for Talenta forms, here.