How to View a Reprimand Letter

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On Talenta, you as an employee can review the reprimand letter you received by accessing it through the Company menu. A Reprimand letter must first be made by the company through the Company menu.

Here are the steps:

  1. Enter the Company menu then select Reprimand.

  2. Here's what your Reprimand page looks like.
  3. The Employee name column contains the employee's name, the Reprimand type column contains the type of reprimand letter and the Notes column contains a glimpse of the information from the reprimand letter.

    If you are selected to be a Watcher, then you can also see other employees' reprimands on this page.

  4. Then there are Start Date (Effective date) and Expired Date (End date) columns which contain the start date and end date of the reprimand letter.
  5. The Status column contains the status of the reprimand letter (Active or Expired) and there is a "Comment" icon to see the total feedback received.
  6. You can also view the reprimand letter received in more detail by clicking "See details".
  7. The following details the reprimand letter information that is displayed.

You can also view reprimands or reprimand letters via Talenta mobile. You can access it on the Account menu and then select the Reprimand tab.