Attendance Log on Talenta Mobile Overview

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On Talenta Mobile, you can make online attendance via Live Attendance. To be able to view your attendance history and also submit attendance, you can access the Attendance Log Menu on your Talenta Mobile Home  screen.

Here are the steps.

  1. On your Talenta mobile Home, you can click "Attendance log".
  2. Then, you will see the following display.
    No. Column Description
    1. Logs A list of attendance history in the form of hours in and out according to the cut-off period in the selected month.
    2. attendance List of absence filing history.
    3. Shifts List of shift change  submission history.
    4. Period Filters Filter the desired month, so that information will be displayed for the cut-off period for that month
    5. Attendance detail In this column, you can see details of your attendance during the selected period, such as:
    • Absent: Your total is absent.
    • Late clock in: Your total late clock-in.
    • Early clock out: Your total clock out is faster than your return time.
    • No clock in: Your total did not clock in.
    • No clock out: Your total did not clock out.
    If clicked, a display like this will appear. You can click "Request" to request a change in attendance.

    The request button will not appear if your company does not allow employees to request attendance.

  3. Click on each attendance history to view detailed attendance information as follows:

    - You will see detailed attendance information consisting of schedule, leave code, attendance code, and overtime hours.
    - You can compare the supposed work schedule with your incoming & outgoing hours, as well as leave and overtime information on the relevant dates.

That is all about the attendance log on Talenta Mobile overview. You can click here to learn how to request attendance.