How to Calculate Employee Payroll (Run Payroll) (New)

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Run Payroll is a feature used to calculate employee salaries every month. In the payroll run, you can determine the period for which the payroll is carried out, choose the employee whose payroll you want to process or calculate, and you can also make changes to allowances and monthly deductions when doing a payroll run.

Before running a payroll, make sure you have checked the employee attendance data and updated your employee payroll data if anything changes.

Broadly speaking, the new look on the Run payroll page still maintains the functionality of the old view, but there are slight improvements to make the Run payroll process easier.

Here are the steps.

  1. Go to the Payroll menu.
  2. Select Run Payroll.
  3. In the new view, there is a Payroll Checklist pop-up that can be a reminder to prepare related data before carrying out a payroll.

    If you don't need this pop-up, please tick the "Don't show this again" option.

  4. Select the payroll period to be processed in the Period column.
  5. Next, select the payroll schedule on the Payment Schedule tab if there are several different payroll processing schedules.

    Select the default payment schedule if there is only one payroll processing schedule.

  6. Activate the custom date for BPJS Kesehatan (Social Security Agency of Health), then select a custom date month if you want to use the BPJS rate for a certain month.
  7. Click "Select Employees" if you only want to process the payroll of certain employees.
  8. Then type the employee's name, then click the employee's name or click the "+" symbol.
  9. Then click "Submit" to save.
  10. You can also tick "Select all employees" to select all employees.
  11. Click "Next" to continue the payroll process.
  12. In the Review step, a summary of data per employee will be shown, which you will check again before the running payroll process begins. This new view also shows complementary information such as the selected payment schedule, payroll cutoff, and the number of employees processed in the payroll run.

    To make changes to component values for an employee, please visit this guide.

  13. If you want to see all the component details, you can click "Details".
  14. Here's the Detail mode page.

    It should be noted that the Detail view is view-only, if there is something you want to change, then return to Overview mode and click "Edit".

  15. Click "Run" to complete the payroll process.

    If after running Payroll you make changes to the payroll components, then you must run Payroll again. This aims to ensure that the data contained in employee pay slips changes according to the changes made.

  16. While the run payroll process is running, you can choose to keep waiting on the run payroll process page or click "Minimize" if you want to do other activities on Talenta.

    You cannot import Shift, Import Attendance, and Run Payroll simultaneously with the Import Fingerprint process or with the import/export process of other features.

  17. If you want to wait and remain on the run payroll process page, you will see the following display when the payroll process is complete. To view the report in more detail, click on one of the available reports in the Here is your summary report section.
  18. Or you will also get a notification in the Inbox, and you can select the Inbox from Run Payroll.
  19. Click "View Report" to view the report.
  20. Then select "Salary Details".
  21. Then a report will appear as follows. To learn more about the payroll report, click here.

That's how to calculate employee payroll using the new view from the Run payroll page. If you want to lock run payroll access (payroll data for the period in question cannot be changed again after being locked) and give employees access to view their respective payslips, you can click "Publish payslip" on the Payroll History page.