How to View Employee Overtime List

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One of the submenus on the Time Management menu is Overtime. You as Superadmin/Admin can use the Overtime Submenu to manage employee Overtime (Overtime) requests such as helping to make requests (Request Overtime) or entering employee overtime data in bulk (Mass Overtime). Through the Overtime Submenu page, you can also see a list of employee Overtime, whether approved or not.

Here are the steps:

  1. To access it, enter the Time Management menu and select the Overtime submenu.
  2. Use a Filter to display employee Overtime based on information on Employee Status, Employment Status, Branch, Organization, Job Position, and Job Level.
  3. Select the type of compensation if necessary.
  4. Then select the submission status.
  5. The list of employee overtime according to the filter you use looks like the following.
  6. You can click the "Details" button to see the details of the employee overtime application.

This is an explanation of how to view a list of employee overtime. You can also explore the other tabs on the Time Management menu, here.