Time Management Menu Overview

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Time Management is a menu that is used to manage all functions related to time management, such as the calendar (Calendar), creation of employee work schedules (Schedule), management of employee attendance data (Attendance), to leave policies (Time Off).

The following is a brief explanation of the Time Management submenu:

No Tab Description
1. Time Off Sub-menu used to manage all leave policies that apply within the company.
2. Overtime Sub-menu for managing employee overtime data.
3. Attendance Sub-menu for managing employee attendance data.
4. On-call Sub-menu to plan which employees should be on standby on selected dates and send notifications to those people when an emergency occurs.
5. Scheduler Sub-menu for managing employee work schedules, including shifts.
6. Calendar The sub-menu is used to make it easier for users to schedule and monitor activities held by the company as well as user leave.
7. Timesheets Sub-menu which has functions related to setting monitoring of tasks given to employees (this sub-menu is not available on Talenta Starter).
8. Liveness Add-ons that can help companies prevent employee attendance fraud with AI-based biometric validation.

This an explanation of the Time Management menu. Learn how to make an Overtime Request by Superadmin/Admin, here.