How to Manage Auto Generate Format for Employee ID Number in Settings Menu

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Companies can do Auto Generate Format, where this will be related to Employee ID numbering, where when adding new employees, the number made will be automatically formed according to the format you have set in the Auto Generate format section.

Here are the steps.

  1. On the Dashboard menu, click the profile icon on the top right.
  2. Click "Company Settings".
  3. Click the "Auto Generate Format" tab on the Company section.
  4. Then, click “Create format”.
  5. You can check "Employment status condition" to add employee status information. 
  6. Then select the employee status you want.

    If you choose two or more employment statuses, for example Probation and Permanent. Then the Employee ID of the employee in the second position will continue. As an example:
    - Employee A with Permanent status is registered with Talenta with Employee ID JKT001
    - So, the next employee with Permanent/Probation status who is registered with Talenta will have an Employee ID, JKT002.

  7. Next, there are six format components, namely Text, Increment number, Join date, Branch code, Organization code and Job Position code. you can also click "Add component" to add other format components.

    - You can click here to set the Job Position Code.
    - You can click here to set Branch Code.
    - You can click here to set Organization Code.

  8. You can select the Text component, to enter formatting in the form of text/letters.
  9. Select Increment number, to enter a format in the form of numbers that will increase automatically.

    You can slide the toggle Advance option, to add additional options such as:
    - Length: To determine the length of the Employee ID characters.
    - Padding: To determine the continuation of the initial character in the Padding section with just one character.

  10. You can also select the Join date component to enter the format according to the date the employee joined the company.

    You can select the date format in the column provided.

  11. Apart from that, you can also add Branch code, Organization code and Job position code. However, these three will not be changed and will be filled in automatically according to the employee's Branch code, Organization code and Job position code.
  12. You can also see a preview of the Employee ID format in the Format preview section.

  13. If you have finished making the settings, click "Save" to save.

    The Employee ID that is automatically generated by this system only applies to adding new employees via the Add Employee transaction (One by one), does not apply to mass employee imports.

  14. The Employee ID that you have created will look like this.
  15. You can change an existing employee ID by clicking "Action" then selecting "Edit" or you can also delete it by selecting "Delete".

That's how to manage the auto-generate format for employee identity numbers in Talenta. See here, to learn how to manage Company Information in the Settings Menu.