How to Manage Additional Info in Employee General Info (New)

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Additional Info is a tab that contains the recording of employee information that is not available in the fields provided by Talenta. In this section, you will learn how to manage Additional Info on the General Info Tab.

You can add new information fields via the ESS Configuration > Custom Field menu.

To edit a custom field, here are the steps.

  1. Click the "Employees" menu and select the Employee directory.

  2. Then click the employee name.

  3. Select the General tab, then select "Additional Info".
  4. On this page, click "Edit" to change additional data info data.
  5. Enter data changes in the available custom field columns as shown below.
  6. Then click ”Save Changes”.

This is an explanation of how to manage Additional Info in Employee General Info. For other explanations such as how to manage Employee Data, you can click here.