How to Manage Resign Compensation Arrangements

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In the resignation compensation settings (Resign Compensation) you can add allowances to the severance, merit pay, and compensation pay calculations. Apart from that, you can also set PKWT Compensation by setting a one-time/irregular tax or final tax (for example, severance pay) in this menu.

Here are the steps:

  1. On the  Dashboard menu, click on your profile picture.
  2. Then click "Company Settings".
  3. Click the “Payroll” tab.
  4. Click the Resign Compensationtab.
  5. And click "Add" to add components that are included in the resignation compensation calculation.
  6. Then, you can set the tax type of PKWT Compensation, which is Irregular or Final, and there is PKWT Compensation Component, which you can use to add the allowance component (excluding salary) as a component to get the PKWT Compensation value. Then, click "Save" to save the changes.

    You can choose whether PKWT compensation calculation is calculated  Irregular  (one-time calculation like Bonus) or  Final  (like Severance). The system on Talenta will choose Final by default.
    - The default component available in the PKWT Compensation Component is salary.
    - You can choose whether the calculation of PKWT compensation is calculated Irregular (one-time calculation like Bonus) or Final (like Severance Pay). Talenta's system will default to Final.

    This is the How to Manage Resign Compensation Settings guidebook. Furthermore, you can learn how to resign employees, here.