How to Manage Employee ESS View Settings

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ESS Display Settings are settings that function to set the display on employee accounts. Such as information displayed in the Employee Directory, settings for updating profile photos by employees, information displayed in the employee Calendar menu, reminders to remind employees of work anniversaries, employee status, and others. You also find out what ESS Talenta is by learning about it, here.

Follow these steps to manage employee ESS view settings:

  1. Enter the Account Settings menu.
  2. Click the “ESS” tab.
  3. Click the “Module” tab.
  4. The Employee menu contains options to bring up the Address Book menu on an ESS account. The Employee Directory is an option to display a list of only active employees (show active) or all employees (show all), meaning that all employees with active status or who have resigned on the employee menu will still appear in the ESS account.
  5. The Employee Directory Restriction function is to place restrictions that will affect the display on the Employee Menu page on Talenta Mobile and Talenta Web. Where employees cannot see data on employees who are in a different group from them. For example, when you check Organization and Branch, this means that employees can only see data on other employees who are in the same organization and one branch with them. You can also set it based on the Access role you have created by selecting the Access role setting.
  6. Component Employee Directory is a setting for determining the fields that appear on the Address Book page of the ESS account.
  7. Check Hide year for birth date in Employee directory, if you want the employee's birth year not to appear on the Employee page in the ESS account.
  8. The Employee Organization Chat module contains options to display Organization chat to employees by changing it to  "Show"  and hiding it with  "Hide". You can customize how many layers of the chart to display by adjusting the  Show chart level field. In addition, there is a  Showing option, which is how many chart display arrangements you can customize.
  9. Here is Component Organization Chart to adjust what components you want to display on the Organization Chart.

    On the Component Organization Chart, settings on the system by default check Employee name, Photo, Organization, and Job position. To add a branch, you need to check it in the following settings.

  10. Salary in My Info contains an option to bring up the payslip menu in My Info for ESS accounts and on Talenta Mobile. The Custom Field menu contains options to bring up the Custom Field menu on the ESS account.
  11. Update Profile Picture from Employee contains an option to allow employees to change their own profile photo through their ESS account.
  12. In the Module Calendar section there are three main settings, namely:

    No Column Explanation
    1 Employee birthday in calendar Select the "Show" option if you want to display employee birthdays on the Talenta calendar.
    2 Other time off Select the "Show" option if you want to display which employees are on leave.
    3 Birthday greetings Select the "Show" option if you want to display birthday greetings to employees in Talenta.
  13. You can also set birthday restrictions based on specific branches or organizations.

  14. The Who’s on leave day(s) setting is a reminder setting regarding employees who are on leave. The reminder will appear on the Dashboard menu on the Who's on Leave tab. This notification will also appear in the Calendar menu on the Time Off tab.
  15. Check Who’s on Leave by Organization, when you will only display the names of employees who are on leave in the same organization.
  16. Check Send Weekly Email Report, if you want the system to provide notifications when the employee's anniversary, join date, and resignation falls on that week.
  17. Check Send Disburse Email, if you want the system to send a disbursement email to the super admin or selected employee check it.
  18. Retirement Age is a regulation to determine the maximum age of employees upon retirement.
  19. If you tick Send email for employee’s retirement, the system will send an email to the super admin 1 year (365 days) and 180 days before the employee reaches retirement age.
  20. Work Anniversary day(s) setting is an employee anniversary reminder setting and ticks Send Email for work anniversary reminder if you want the employee anniversary remainder to go to the selected email.
  21. The employment Status day(s) setting is a reminder setting related to employee status. The reminder will appear on the Dashboard menu on the Contract & Probation tab, and a notification will be sent to the selected email.

    Example: Employment status day(s) setting = 7, then employees with H-7 before the contract/probation status expiration date will appear on the contract & probation tab on the Dashboard.

  22. Check Send Email Reminder Employment Status, if you want the employee remainder/probation contract to be entered into the selected email, and check Send email for reminder end contract/probation to approval line, if you want the system to send an email notification of the status of the contract/probation to Approval Line from employees whose contract/probation period is about to expire.
  23. Check to Notify when any pending requests, if you want to get notifications via Email or Push notifications regarding pending requests on the system. 
  24. In the Send reminder, section, you can select Daily if you want the notification to be sent every day, Weekly every week and Monthly every month.
  25. The ESS request module is a setting that allows companies to display and hide ESS (Employee Self-Service) features. You can select the features you want to display by checking the Show Menu section. You can also check the Mandatory Notes section, which is a setting for mandatory filling in the comment column. Apart from that, there is a Mandatory Attachment that you can check to require employees to attach evidence attachments to the Change Data Request.

    The show/hide menu will have an impact on the appearance of the Talenta ESS employee website and apps.

  26. After completing the required information, click “Save” to save changes.

Next, you can learn how to set access roles, here. Access roles can limit the access rights of each employee according to their work function.