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On the History tab in the My Info menu, there is information on the history of changes in information related to employee status, salary adjustments, and changes to JKK levels as a company database.

Here are the steps:

  1. In this tab, select the "My Info" menu.
  2. Click the "History"  tab to see the information changes.
  3. On the Adjustment History tab, you can see a list of payroll component adjustments that have been made.
  4. The Transfer History tab displays a list of employee status change history related to changes in branch, status, position, organization, level, or grade and class which will be displayed in the Transfer item column.

    The Transfer Item column only displays data that has changed.

  5. The NPP History tab lists JKK (Work Accident Insurance) level changes.

    You can request a change of NPP data on the My Info tab. However, the data to be changed must first go through super admin approval.

  6. The Reprimand History tab displays a history list of warning letters that have previously been created.