How to Manage Document Templates

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In this section, you will learn how to manage document templates that will be created by the company, such as Certificate of Employment, Certificate of Service Travel, and other documents owned by the company. Document templates can only be accessed by Admin, Super Admin, Consultant Admin, and Consultant Super Admin.

There are two ways you can choose, the first is by creating a document directly through Talenta and the second is by uploading a document in docx format.

Here are the steps:

A. How to Create a Template Through Talenta

  1. Go to the Company menu.
  2. Select "Document Template".
  3. You can create a new document template by clicking "Create Template".
  4. Then you will be directed to the page as shown below.
  5. On the Document tab, fill in the template name in the Template Name column.

    The template name is unique, so you cannot use an existing template name.

  6. Fill in a description of the template in the Template description column and select the document layout you are using.
  7.  If you want to use Header and Footer, you can activate them by shifting the "Round" icon to blue colour.
  8. Click "Header" to readjust the header you will use.


    Disable the header, if the company has a letterhead.

  9. You can add your company logo to the header. You can choose the Company Logo or Employee Branch Logo to be displayed.

    - Company: The logo that will be displayed is the company logo.
    - Employee branch: The logo that will be displayed is the branch logo.
    - No Logo: The logo will not be displayed.

  10. In the Company Information section, tick the information that will be displayed in the header by ticking here.
  11.  Then the document template header will look like the image below.
  12. After completing the settings on the Header, click "Footer" to add information to the Footer.

  13. On the Signature tab, you can add a signature template, by sliding the "Round" icon.

    The maximum signature templates that can be added are three signature templates.

  14. Enter the information for the signature in the Label column.
  15. Then the signature will look like the picture below.
  16. All information for the template can be customised in the document section as shown below.
  17. Click "Insert shortcode" to pull the information automatically from Talenta data.

    - When a value is used in the document information data, then when the document is downloaded, the value will be automatically filled by the employee's data.
    - The maximum page of the document is one page, when it is more than one page, you will see a red line as shown below.

    Value Explanation
    Employee_name Employee name
    Employee_nik Employee id
    Employee_email employee email
    Company_name company name
    Branch_name company branch name
    Organization_name organization name
    Employee_job_tittle employee position name
    Employee_job_level employee job level
    Employee_status employee status
    Employee_join_date date employee joined
    Employee_length_of_service how long the employee has worked for the company
    Employee_approval_line employee approval line
    Employee_gender the gender of the employee
    Employee_relegion employee's religion
    Employee_citizen_id employee's nationality
    Employee_terminated_date date employee stopped working
    Employee_birth_day employee's date of birth
    Employee_original_address employee's address based on ID card
    Employee_residential_address employee's domicile address
    Doc_generated_date date document attached for employee

    employee status end date

  18. Click "Save Template" to save the template.
  19. You can see the list of Document Templates, as shown below.


  20. Click the "Triple Dot" icon if you want to make changes or delete the template.
  21. You can download the template by clicking "Download".
  22. Then select the employee who will receive the document.
  23. Click “Download”.
  24. Then the document will be downloaded as shown below.

B. How to Upload Template

  1. Go to the Company menu.
  2. Click “Document Template”.

  3. Click “Upload template”.

  4. Fill in the template name in the Template name field and the description in the Template description field.


  5. Click “Continue”.

  6. However, if you want to download the available Microsoft Word template, you can click "Doc_Template.docx".
  7. Here's what the downloaded template document looks like.
  8. To add another shortcode, you can click "View shortcode".

  9. Then copy the shortcode you need and paste the shortcode into your document.

  10. Here's an example of the document that you are ready to upload.
  11. Go to your Talenta page again and click "Choose file" to select the document you want to upload.

  12. Click “Upload”.

  13. The template that you have created will automatically go to the document template page.

    Documents that have been uploaded cannot be edited in the editor page. You can only re-upload the document.

  14. If you want to edit or delete the document, you can click the "three dots" icon and select Edit to edit and Delete to delete the document.

  15. If you need the document for a specific employee, you can download it by clicking "Download".

    The difference between the document created manually (Create template directly in Talenta) and the document created outside Talenta and then uploaded, is marked by the presence of Uploaded template information on the document created by uploading.

  16. Choose the employee's name and click "Download".
  17. Then the template that you have created, will be downloaded as follows.

That's how to manage document templates in Talenta, to learn how to integrate employee transfer data with document templates, see here.