How to Add Mobile Location Settings in Bulk

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In Talenta, there is a feature to add attendance locations and determine the work location of each employee in bulk which you can access via the Mobile Location Setting which functions to manage settings on Live Attendance.

Here are the steps:

  1. Click the Time Management menu and select Attendance.
  2. Click "More" and select "Location" to enter Mobile Settings.
  3. Click "Settings" to enter the location settings page.

1. Adding Job Sites in Bulk

  1. If you want to add work locations in bulk, click "Export Template" to download the template in the Bulk Update Location Setting section.
  2. Then click "Check your Inbox" to continue.
  3. Then you will be directed to the Talenta inbox menu and you can click on the message related to Live Attendance Settings.
  4. Click "here" to download the template.
  5. Complete the location information that you want to add by filling in the available fields.

    - If you choose Flexible Location, you can Fill in the Type column with the number 0 and you don't need to fill in Location Name, Coordinate, and Radius information.
    - If you choose a specific location to be used as the location of your workplace, you are required to enter the number 1 in the Type column and you are required to fill in the information in the Location Name, Coordinate, and Radius columns.

  6. If you want to add locations for more than 1 point in 1 location, you can fill in location information with the same Location Setting Name and provide the name of the location point in the Location Name column.. 
  7. If you have completed the location information you added, click "Import" in the Bulk Update Location Setting section.
  8. Select the files you want to import.
  9. Then if you successfully import location data into Talenta, you can click "Finish And Go Back To View Attendance Menu" and the new location has been successfully added to your Talenta.

2. Determining Employee Work Locations in Mass

  1. To add employees to locations you add in bulk, click "Export Template" on Bulk Assign Employee.
  2. If the template file has been downloaded successfully, you can complete the location information and employee id.


    - Location Setting Name and Employee id are required.
    - Employees can only be added in 1 location setting. If the employee has previously been attached to location A and wants to be transferred to location B, then you need to remove the employee from location A and you can add the employee to location B.

  3. If you have completed all the required information, you can click "Import" in the Bulk Assign Employee section.
  4. Select the files you want to import.
  5. Then if you are successful, you can "Finish And Go Back To View Attendance Menu" and the employee has been successfully added at the location you specified.
  6. To check whether the employee has been added successfully, you can click the "pencil" icon on the location.
  7. And you can see the list of employees you added at that location.

This is an explanation of how to add mobile location settings in bulk. To add mobile location settings individually, click here.