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The Payroll tab is a tab used to review all of your payroll and payslip data. Here, you can see payroll-related data such as account information, BPJS Health numbers to PTKP status. You can also view and download a payslip to see your salary details. 

You can also see payroll info via Talenta Mobile. Through Talenta Mobile, you can also download the payslip in PDF format.

Here are the steps to view your payroll and payslip information.

1. Payroll Info

  1. In this section select the "My Info" menu.
  2. Click the "Payroll" tab and select "Payroll Info" to view the payroll data.
  3. The following shows payroll info.
No Menu Keterangan
1 BPJS Ketenagakerjaan Information about BPJS Ketenagakerjaan (National Social Security Agency for Employment) numbers.
2 BPJS Kesehatan Information about BPJS Health numbers.
3 NPWP Information about the NPWP number.
4 Bank Name Contains information on the name of the bank.
5 Bank Account Contains account number information.
6 Bank Account Holder Information about the name of the account owner.
7 PTKP Status Contains information on PTKP status.
8 Request Change Data Button to make data changes.


2. Payslip

  1. On Talenta, employees can view the payslip independently, to access it you can go to the My Info menu, click Payroll, and select "Payslip".

  2. Select the payslip period that you want to access.
  3. Select the month whose payslip you want to see then click "View payslip".
  4. Then enter your Talenta password.
  5. Then your payslip will be displayed according to the payslip period you choose. To see a more detailed explanation of the payslip, click here.


You can also submit data changes to payroll info by making a data change request. After the data has been changed, you must wait for approval from the super-admin first.