Attendance Menu Overview

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Attendance is a page for monitoring and correcting employee attendance data, including employee leave and overtime. You can access it through the Time Management menu and choose Attendance.

The following is an explanation of the menus and buttons found on the Attendance menu.


No. Column/Button Names Description
1 more More shows three options:
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  • Absence-time off deduction: Button to make attendance whose absence status becomes time off.
  • Location: Click to see the location setting page for each employee.
  • Settings: To enter the Settings Attendance page.
2 Activity Button to enter the attendance activity page (employee attendance list).
3 Attendance report Button to view employee attendance reports.
4 date Button to display employee attendance data based on a certain date.
5 Filter Button to display attendance data filter based on:
  • Clock in: Employee clock in time.
  • Clock out: Employee clock out time
  • Time off code: Employees who are taking time off.
  • Overtime: The employee's overtime
  • Branch: Company branch
  • Organization: Division/Organization
  • Job position: Position
  • Job level: Job level
  • Employment status: Employment status
6 Adjust column Button to set the column to display:
  • Branch
  • Organization
  • job positions
  • Job levels
  • Employmentstatus
  • Time off code
  • Overtime
  • Schedule break start
  • Schedule break ends
  • Break start
  • Break ends
7 imported

Button to import attendance data.

There are 3 types of imports namely: 

  • Import attendance
  • Import shifts
  • Import fingerprint (according to the attendance machine settings)
8 export

Button to export attendance data.

There are 2 types of exports, namely:

  • Export attendance
  • Export shifts
9 Guidebook
  • Button as a shortcut to this manual page.
10 Search Button to perform a search.
11 Present Shows data based on clock-in and clock-out (On time, Late in, Early out) per day according to shift.
12 Not present Shows data based on missed attendance by shift. The data shown is Absent, No clock in, No clock out, and Invalid (Clock in & clock out outside the schedule).
13 away Shows data based on the number of employees who are on leave (time off) or day off.
14 See all Button to enter Talenta Insight page.
15 Employees table Displays all employee attendance data. If you click on an employee's name, then you will enter the detail page of the employee's attendance during the cut-off attendance period.

You can view shift details by applying single or multiple shifts in this table.

16 Edit Button to change or update employee attendance data.
17 Wipe Button to reset attendance data on that date.

This is an explanation of the Attendance menu. To learn how to view employee attendance activity, click here.