How to Manage Employee Status from the Dashboard

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In this section, you will learn how to manage changes in the status of employees who have reached or are nearing the end of their probation or contract period. You can manage status changes on the Contract & Probation Tab, or you can learn about employee information here.

Settings to determine when this notification will appear on the dashboard can be made in the Settings menu.

Here are the steps.

  1. Select the Contract & Probation tab at the bottom of your dashboard screen.
  2. Click the "three dots" icon on the employee's name, then click "Change Employee Status" to change the employee's status.

    Employee names that appear here are employees who are nearing the end of their probation or contract period. This time range can be set in the Settings menu.

  3. Enter the following detailed information.
    No Column Description
    1 Effective Date  Determine the effective date of employee status.

    Transfer Type

    Select the type of transfer you want. There are several types that you can choose from:
    • Promotion
    • Mutation
    • Demotion
    • Extend Contract
    • Rotation
    • Other
    3  Employee Status Select employee status.
    4 Notes Enter notes regarding changes in employee status.
  4. Then click "Submit" to save.
  5. If you want to terminate your employment relationship after the contract or probationary period, then click "Create Resignation".
  6. The following information will appear, click "Yes, Resign" to continue.
  7. Next, you will be asked to complete an employee resignation form.
  8. Click the column "Resign Date" to enter the effective date of the employee's resignation.
  9. Click the column "Reason" to choose the reason for the employee's resignation.
  10. Fill in the reasons for resigning according to the options provided. 
  11. Fill in the column "Merit Pay" if there is a payment in the form of award money.
  12. Fill in the column "Severance" if there is a payment in the form of severance pay.
  13. Fill in the column "Compensation Pay" if there is a payment in the form of compensation.
  14. The columns Time Off Compensation, Amount per day, & Total Amount will display payment information in the form of compensation for the remaining days off of employees.

    The amount per day will be adjusted according to the amount set in the Settings menu.

  15. Fill in the column "Notes" to write a short note on the employee's resignation.
  16. If you have clicked "Submit" to input employee resignation data.
  17. After you make changes to employee status or employee resignation, there will no longer be a list of employees on the dashboard display.

That's how to manage Employee Status from the Dashboard, to learn how to import employee data changes, click here.