How to View Payslip

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After the super admin manages employee payslips, employees can view the payslips they have through Talenta. You as an employee can download the payslip in PDF format. The payslip contains various components of your salary, from bonuses to details of PPh deductions. Here are the steps.

  1. In the dashboard view, select the "My Info" menu.
  2. After that select, the Payroll tab and then click "Payslip" .
  3. Click "View Payslip" to view payslip details for that period or click "Download 1721 A" to view proof of PPh 21 withholding.

    Proof of withholding PPh 21 is only available in the December period.

  4. Then enter the password to see the payslip.

    If you want to change your password, you can access the Account Settings menu.

  5. After that click "Submit" .
  6. The following is a display of the payslip details.
    No. Column Explanation
    1. Download Button to download payslip in PDF format.
    2. Logo     Displays company logo.
    3. Company Name
    Displays the company name.
    4. Payroll Information
    Contains payroll information.
    5. Earning
    Contains the allowance component.
    6. Deduction
    Contains a salary deduction component.
    7. Take Home Pay
    Displays transferred salary information.
    8. Benefit
    Filled with information on employee benefits along with the total nominal benefits received.
    9. Attendance Summary
    Fill in attendance information.
    10. Note Filled with note information related to the payslip for that month.

    This new look does not apply to companies that use custom payslips.

    Apart from via, you can also view payslips via Talenta mobile. You can also upload the payslip in pdf format, directly to your smartphone.