How to Resign Employees

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Through Mekari Talenta, you can process employee resignations via the Employees menu. In this process, you can complete the data required during the employee resignation process, such as severance pay and compensation as explained in part A. You can also activate the recalculate feature for severance pay and compensation which is explained in part B. Apart from that, if the employee has subordinates, you can also appoint an employee who has been registered on the employee list as a replacement as explained in part C.

If you want to resign an employee, as an employer at the company, you must ensure that the Offboarding Task Template and Form Setting have been arranged . After that, you can manage the resignation first.

Resigning on Talenta  can be done  manually  on Talenta and  in bulk by importing  sheets. Click  here to learn about mass employee resignations. In this section, you will learn how to manually resign employees.

Follow these steps

  1. Go to the  Employees menu,  then in the  Employee directory  look for the name of the employee who will resign.
  2. Click  "Actions" .
  3. Then, click Resign.
  4. In the confirmation pop-up that appears, click "Proceed".

    You need to know that this action will affect the approval line, payroll, and employee access to Talenta.

A. Severance and Compensation

  1. A pop-up appears and you can view the employee's resignation details.  These details include the employee's name and other personnel details.
  2. Then, you can complete other information about severance pay and compensation .

    No. Button/Column Name Description
    1 Resignation date Select the employee's resignation date.
    2 Merit pay amount Enter the amount of compensation payments related to services or work performance or benefits that have been provided to the employee (Merit pay).
    3 Reason Select one reason for the employee's resignation.  For each reason selected, the system will adapt to the latest government regulations.  You can see the latest regulations,  here.
    4 Severance amount Fill in the severance pay amount here.
    5 Compensation amount Fill in the compensation amount here.
    6 Time off compensation Fill in the employee's remaining leave here to determine the amount of compensation for each day and the total.

B. Recalculate Time Off Compensation

  1. In the next section, you can choose to check  Recalculate time off compensation when there are changes to the current time off balance  to activate the feature for recalculating employee leave compensation if the leave balance changes.

    If you check this, the Resignation details will be equipped with a Recalculate time off feature.  Read here.

  2. Then, select the period when the employee's Severance and Compensation payments will be made.

    - This period:  The current period.
    - Next period:  The next period.

C. Approval Line Replacement

  1. Next, you can complete the Approval line replacement section.

    No. Button/Column Name Description
    1 Set replacement approval line Check to activate the approval line setting feature if the employee who resigns has subordinates.
    2 Select replacement Determine a replacement for the employee who resigned.
    3 Resigned employee’s subordinate This contains information about who are the  subordinate  employees who resign.
    4 Resignation date Determine the employee's effective resignation date.
    5 The day after resignation date, subordinates will effectively assigned to the new approval line If you want the employee appointed to replace the employee who resigned to immediately become the approval line of the subordinates on the effective date of resignation, then check this option.
    6 Notes Fill in the notes you want to include here (optional).
    7 Set offboarding for this employee Check to add a new step, namely Set Offboarding to this procedure.  Learn the guide here.
  2. If the form has been filled in completely, submit it by clicking "Submit".
  3. Therefore, the employee enters the resignation process and you will return to the Employee directory page.

D. Resignation Detail

  1. You can see the resignation details  by  clicking  "Actions".
  2. Then, click Resign detail.
  3. Therefore, you can see these details.

    - Offboard status: If  you choose to Set offboarding fot this employee then you can click this to change the offboarding status.  The status listed will change according to the real-time onboarding status.
    - Time off compensation: Click this to view compensation details.
    - Recalculate: If you need to know the latest calculation of severance pay and compensation, click  "Recalculate".  This feature can be activated by checking the option here.

  4. Apart from that, you can click on the  replacement  name to see the replacement details (if there is a replacement) or click  "Cancel resignation"  to cancel the employee's resignation process.

This is an explanation of how to resign an employee. To learn how to mass resign in bulk, click here.