How to Verify Phone Numbers

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At, You can already verify your mobile number, so that the accounts in your application (Jurnal, Talenta, Klikpajak, Flex) will remain safe. You can immediately verify your mobile number on the Launchpad Banner which you can click after logging in to your Talenta account.

  1. Sign in to by entering your Mekari account email and password.
  2. Then, click“Sign in”.
  3. Then, you can click "Verify now" to verify your mobile number.
  4. Or you can also verify your mobile number via the "Personal Info" tab.
  5. Then you will be asked to confirm your registered mobile number. Then click "Verify".

  6. After that, you will receive an SMS in the form of an OTP code. Enter the OTP code on the following screen.
  7. Then click “Verify”.
  8. Then your number has been successfully verified on the Mekari account, so your account will be more secure.

This is an explanation of how to verify a phone numbers. For more information about the menu at Talenta, you can click here.