How to Create and Send an Offering Letter for Selected Candidates on New Talenta Recruitment

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If the selected candidate has completed the recruitment stage, then you can then create and send a job offer letter or Offering Letter to the selected candidate. Here are the steps.

  1. Click the "Interview" tab then select one of the candidate names.
  2. Then click "Move stage" and select "Offer in-draft" in the Offer & Hire section.
  3. Then click “Create offer” to  make an offer to the candidate.3.png
  4. Next, on the following page, determine Employment type, Probation period, and Working type.

    In this case, the Job position, Work location and Organization columns cannot be changed because these columns were determined when creating the Job listing.

  5. Then in the Compensation section, determine the Base salary (monthly), Salary type, and Benefits for the candidate.
  6. Then in the Job details you can upload an Attachment in the form of an Offering letter by clicking "Browse file". Then determine the expiration date of the Offering letter.
  7. You can activate the following toggle to send Offers via email.
  8. If all the data has been filled in, you can click "Preview email" to see a preview of the Offer email for the candidate.
  9. Then an email preview display will appear as follows. Make sure all the contents are correct, then click "Send".
  10. Next click "Save".

That is how to create and send an offering letter to selected candidates on New Talent Recruitment.