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Candidate is one of the menus in New Talent Recruitment which is used to display recruitment stages and process applicants at every stage that has been created. The following is a display of the features on the Candidate menu.


No. Feature Name Description
1 Add candidate Button to add new candidates.
2 Filter for recruitment stages Filters that allow you to easily filter data depending on the recruitment stages that have been created. For example, if you want to see data on candidates who have already reached the "Interview" stage, select the "Interviews" filter, and the following display will show.
3 Filters 

A feature that can make it easier for you to search for candidate data in more detail through columns that you can filter by category based on the Filter for recruitment stages display that you choose.

For example, you want to filter data in Assessment.

Then, automatically in the Filters column, you can filter the data based on the categories Hiring stage, Application, Education & Experience, and Others.

4. Filter untuk mengelola tabel informasi data This is a feature that makes it easier for you to filter and manage information table data related to recruitment stages.
5. Search bar Column for searching based on certain keywords.
6. Tabel Informasi Displays detailed information related to candidate data.
7. Ikon “titik tiga”

Button to manage recruitment information for each candidate data listed in the table.

- View details: to view information related to Candidate in detail.

- Move to another job listing: to move candidates to other job vacancies.
- Not interested: not interested in continuing the recruitment process for the relevant candidate. In this case the candidate did not successfully pass the recruitment stage.
- Archive: archive candidate information.
- Mark as spam: marks candidate information as spam.
- Delete: delete candidate data.
- Block: blocks candidate data.


That is an overview of the Candidate menu on Talenta Recruitment. Furthermore, you can learn about how to add candidate here.