How to Manage Job Listing Information on New Talenta Recruitment

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You as a Super Admin can manage Job listing information that has previously been created. In this case, you can change and add details to the information that will be displayed for the candidates. Learn more in the following steps.

  1. On the main Job Listings page, select one of the data that you want to manage.
  2. Then click the "pencil icon" as follows to make changes and add data.2.png
  3. Then re-enter the data you want to change.

    The Job listing ID, Published date, and Created by columns cannot be changed.

    No. Feature Name Explanation
    1 Status  Status of the job listing that has been created.
    2 Job listing ID Job listing ID code that has been created.
    3 Work location Work location center.
    4 Organization Organization name.
    5 Employment type Employee category (Internship, Contract, Permanent, etc.)
    6 Workplace Workplace category (Onsite, Hybrid, Remote, etc.)
    7 Headcount needed

    Number of employees required.

    Activate the following toggle to display the number of employees required on the recruitment page.

    8 Salary range Salary range.

    Activate the following toggle to display the salary range on the recruitment page.
    9 Published date Job offer upload date.
    10 Valid until

    Job recruitment deadline.

    Activate the following toggle to display the recruitment deadline on the recruitment page.

    You can also activate the following toggle to immediately close recruitment automatically if there are candidates who meet the requirements.


    11 Created by Name of the Job listing creator.
    12 Save changes Save changes to Job listing data.
  4. After clicking "Save changes" the Job listing that you have changed will be saved again on the main page.
  5. Apart from that, the job listing that has been created will automatically appear on the Career page.

That is how to manage Job listing information. You can learn more about the flow of creating a Job listing here or you can also learn how to add candidates here.