How to Apply PKWT Compensation Automatic Assign (Automatic PKWT Compensation)

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Now you can apply Auto PKWT Compensation (compensation automatic PKWT) for all contract employees who have just joined the company. In this case, employees with this contract status can experience an extension and get payroll in the 12th month automatically. 

You can access this feature at any time add new employee when you complete the Tax configuration (employee taxation) stage. Here are the details.

Please contact our support team to enable this feature. To contact the Mekari Support Team, please visit here.

  1. After filling in Personal data, Employment data, and complete the columns at the stage Payroll, then you will fill in the data on Tax configuration as follows. Complete the relevant data and enable Auto create compensation.

    - If setting automatically create PKWT compensation in the Employment status setting menu, is activated, then automatically create PKWT compensation for each addition of new employees (single/bulk).
    - The following are the conditions to be able to access Auto Create PKWT Compensation:
    1. Contract status.
    2. Period of workingis more than 1 month.
    3. Employment status has an end date.

  2. After activating Auto create PKWT compensation, then on the PKWT compensation page the employee data will be immediately accumulate, experience an extension and get payroll on 12th month automatically.