How to Integrate Talenta with Hikvision

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Talenta can be integrated with Hikvision applications. Therefore, you can easily integrate the Hikvision face recognition system and fingerprint machine with the employee attendance and attendance mechanism on Talenta.

To find out the usage scheme, payment, and activation of Talenta integration with Hikvision, contact

Follow these steps to integrate Talenta with Hikvision.

  1. On the Dashboard menu, click the "Profile" icon at the top right.
  2. Click “Company Settings”.
  3. Click “Integrations”.
  4. If Hikvision integration has been activated, then you can click "Go to settings" in the Hikvision integration box to make settings.
  5. Click “Add device”.
  6. Complete the information form about the Hikvision device account.
No. Button/Column Name Description
1 Username Fill in the appropriate username on your Hikvision device account.
2 Password Fill in the user password according to your Hikvision device account.
3 Device access Select Doman to enter the URL or select IP address to enter the IP address of your Hikvision device account.
  1. When complete, click “Connect account”.
  2. Hence, your Hikvision account has been successfully connected and you can see detailed information such as Device username and IP address/domainnya.
No. Button/Column Name Description
1 Location setting Address obtained from the connected Hikvision device.
2 Masking device name You can customize the name of this device according to your own preference.
3 Device criteria setup

You can optionally organize employees with certain criteria that are retrieved from this device.
- All employees: All employee fingerprint data from Hikvision is taken and integrated into Talenta.

- Selected employee: Select this if you want to customize employee fingerprint data with any criteria that are integrated into Talenta. If you choose this, then you can specify certain criteria (Branch, Organization, Job level, etc.) in the columns provided. You can add a criteria layer by clicking "Add criteria" or reduce it by clicking "-".

4 Cancel/Disconnect account/Save
  • Click Cancel to cancel integration changes
  • Click “Disconnect account” to disconnect the integration.
  • Click “Save” to save changes.
  1. Therefore, the integration that you have set will be listed on the Hikvision integration list page. In the integration that has been created, you can see information on name, serial number, total employees (can be clicked to see the details), criteria (can be clicked to see the details), device status, and the last time the data was synchronized. Click “Action” to make certain action options appear.

    You can see how much device quota has been used in the Device quota section. For example, Device quota: 3/5, meaning you have used 3 devices out of the 5 device quota provided.

  2. Actions you can take are as follows.

    - Setup: Click to edit integration rules.
    - Sync: Click to synchronize the updated data.
    - Delete: Click to delete the connection.

  3. Every employee's clock-in and clock-out fingerprint data with Hikvision is recorded in the Talenta attendance system. The following is an employee attendance log history page that has been integrated with the integration settings in this example guide.

This is a guide on how to integrate Hikvision with Talenta. Furthermore, you can learn about Attendance Talenta here.