How to Integrate Talenta with Jurnal Invoice

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If your Talenta account has been integrated with Jurnal, then you can also integrate the Invoice Jurnal, allowing you to integrate employee salary records in Talenta into Sales Invoices on the Jurnal side.

Here are the steps.

Sample case
Your company is an outsourcing company, where the product is security officer services. So your company must charge the company that uses your services for employee salary payments.

  1. Enter the Payroll menu.
  2. Then, click “Payroll History”.
  3. Then, select payroll period that you want and click the “three dots”.
  4. And click “Create Jurnal invoice”.
  5. Then a pop up will appear as follows.

    No Column Explanation
    1 Payroll type Select the payroll type you want.
    2 Company

    Select the company for which the invoice will be created. The list of companies is a company that has been added to the Jurnal and Talent Integration page.

    Click here to learn how to integrate and add a Jurnal company in Talenta.

    3 Customer

    Select the customer whose invoice you want to create.

    The customer list corresponds to the contact list on the Jurnal account at the selected company.

    4 Transaction date Select the transaction date.
    5 Message Add a message regarding invoice billing.
    6 Memo Add a memo related to invoice collection.
    7 Jurnal product Select the product related to invoice billing that you previously created in the Jurnal based on the company you selected.


    Determine the filters you want to make payments by.
    9 Strip Click to clear the filter. 
    10 Add product Click to add another product.
  6. If done, click “Preview invoice”.
  7. Next, you will see a preview of the invoice that you have created and click "Create" to create the invoice.

    If there is approval for the transaction, the invoice will have Draft status.

  8. Then the invoice has been successfully created, and you can click "View invoice on Jurnal" if you want to see the invoice created in the Jurnal.
  9. The invoice will go to the Sales Invoice tab on the Sales menu page. You can see the details of the invoice by clicking "invoice number".
  10. So the invoice formed in the Jurnal will look like this.

    This is an explanation of how to create an Invoice Journal in Talenta. Next, you can learn how to integrate Talenta with SAP.