How to Create and Manage Projects and Tasks via Talenta Mobile

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Not only through the web version, but through Mekari Talenta Mobile, you can manage projects and their tasks. This feature is useful for your company's business needs. Therefore, just via your smartphone or tablet, you can create new tasks, assign your employees, and monitor the progress of these tasks. 

All access to this feature can be used by the owner of the Super Admin role. Employees can open and manage tasks assigned by Super Admin only.

Here's how.

  1. On your Talenta Mobile main page, scroll down until you find the Tasks list. Then, click "View all".
  2. You will be directed to your Tasks page, as follows.
No. Button/Icon Name Description
1 Search bar Click to search for specific tasks according to the keywords you entered, for example: Meeting.
2 Filter Click to filter the task list by Ownership or Labels. Then, select one from the list of categories that appears, for example: Own by everyone (Tasks owned by all employees). Then, click "Apply" to apply.

Click “Reset all”  to return the deployment to the unfiltered list.

3 Today's total work/Go to time tracker Display of total time for today's tasks. Or, click to go to the time tracker page.
4 Active projects/View all projects Display of total active projects. Or, click to view the projects page and add the projects described in section B.
5 Task status Total display of each task status.
  • To do: Tasks that have not been done.
  • In progress: Tasks that are in progress.
  • Done: A task that has been completed.
6 Change task status Click to change the task status, for example: In progress.
7 View task details Click to view the task details page that will be explained on page A.
8 Create task Click to create a new task that will be described in  Part C.

A. How to Open and Manage Task Details

  1. The following is a display of the task details page.
No. Button/Icon Name Description
1 Turn notifications on/off Click to turn notifications on or off for any changes or updates to this task.
2 Task action button Click to edit or delete this task.

3 Task status/change status The task status is displayed here, or click to change the task status.
4 See projects Click to view the project page.
5 See time tracked Click to view the time tracker page.
6 Download task attachments Click to download the assignment attachment.
7 Add activity attachments Click to add attachments to the task activity timeline.
8 Add comment on activity Click to add comments to the task activity timeline.
9 Download activity attachments Click to download the attachment to the task activity timeline.
10 Activity action buttons Click to delete comments or attachments that you have uploaded to your timeline.

B. How to Create a New Project

  1. The following is a display of the project list page. Click "Create new project" to create a new project if you have never created one. Or, “Create project”.
  2. Then, you will be directed to the following page. You can enter a project name in the Project name column and choose a color for this project in the Select color section.
  3. Then, click "Save".
  4. The following is an example of a list of saved projects. Click on a project to see its details.
  5. Therefore, you can see the project details as follows. Where you can see the name, project time, members, and each task based on its status, and create new tasks.
No. Column/Button Name Description
1 Search bar Click to search for a specific task.
2 Point three Click to open the archive task option.
3 View all Click to open all member details.
4 In progress Click to see tasks with In progress status.
5 To Do Click to see tasks with To Do status.
6 Done Click to see the task with the status Done.
7 Create new task Click to create a new task with the flow as in  part C.

C. How to Create a New Task

  1. The following is a display of the Create New Task page that you can complete.
No. Column/Button Name Description
1 Task name Enter a name for the task.
2 Projects
Select the project for the Task. Select Create project if you want to create a new project or No Project if the task is not included in any project. Read part C on how to create a project by clicking  here.
3 Add Assignee Icon

Choose which employee will be assigned the task. You will be directed to the employee list page where you can check their names one by one. The name will go into the selected column above, where you can delete it by clicking the ”-” icon. If the names listed are correct, click "Save".

The list of employees that appears is only those who have joined the selected project. If you want to add other employees, you can add members first to the project.

4 Create a separate task for each assignee Check to create separate tasks for each selected assignee.
5 Send task to assignee's email You can provide notification via email to the employee concerned by checking this option.
6 Apply for time tracking If Super Admin activates the approval route for submitting tasks with a time tracker, the "Set time tracking approval" button will appear. If you check it, then every time tracking on this task will require approval.
7 Due date

Enter the date and time for completing the task then click "Save".
8 Description You can provide detailed information about the task in this column.
9 Attachments
You can attach supporting files (docx, jpg, png, xlsx, pdf, jpeg, ppt, txt, etc.) by clicking the “+” icon. You can select the file via Camera, Gallery, or File with a maximum size of 10 MB.
10 Delete attachments You can click the “-” icon on each uploaded attachment to delete it.
  1. Click “Save” to save the task.

That's how to create and manage projects and tasks via Talenta Mobile. You can further learn how to manage time trackers for tasks here.