How to Manage Calibration Sessions and Details

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Through Talenta Performance, you can calibrate employee performance assessments with the Calibration feature. Once created, HR with the Super Admin role processes the review results into a calibration process, so that HR and other contributors can adjust the review results to a customized distribution percentage.

In addition, HR can perform certain actions during the calibration session, such as View details, Lock session (close access to the calibration session), Delete, and Bulk Download/Upload spreadsheets calibration.

Here are the steps and explanations:

A. Managing the Calibration Page

  1. Log in to, then go to the Calibration feature under the Review category. 
  2. Then, you will be directed to the calibration index page that you created previously. Here, you can see detailed calibration information, such as date (Calibration date), name (Cycle name), Participant, Contributor, and Status (In progress, Generating, Not started, Completed). On this page, you can filter and perform several actions.

    No. Button/Column Name Description
    1 Select date You can filter the dates on the calibration list created here.
    2 Status You can filter the status on the calibration list (In progress, Generating, Not started, Completed) that has been created here. 
    3 Search bar You can search for the names of calibration contributors that have been created by typing the keywords here.
    4 Actions Click to perform several actions as follows.

    - View details: Click to view the calibration details page. A glimpse of this page will be explained in section B.
    - Edit session: Click to edit the calibration session.
    - Lock session: Super Admin can perform a lock/unlock session to lock/unlock the calibration session. This action prevents the calibration session from being edited. Then, a confirmation pop-up appears, and click “Confirm” to agree to lock the session. 

    - Delete session: Click to delete the calibration session. A confirmation pop-up appears and click “Delete” to continue deleting.

B. Managing the Calibration Details Page

  1. Log in to, then go to the Calibration feature under the Review category.
  2. Then, you will be directed to the calibration index page. Click “Actions” then View details to see calibration details.
  3. Then you will be directed to the calibration details page. You can perform bulk actions by clicking "Bulk actions" or close edit session access by clicking "Lock session ".

    The bulk actions you can perform are:
    - Download: Click to download the calibration data in spreadsheet format.
    - Upload: Click to upload calibration data in spreadsheet form. Here, you can download the spreadsheet template first by clicking the “downward arrow” icon before uploading it again by clicking “Choose file”. Save the file by clicking "Submit".

  4. In the calibration line graph section, you can read the line according to the color displayed. Current or assessment results from the review cycle that has been selected are depicted with a blue line, Calibrated or categories that have been changed will be depicted with a green line, and Suggested or suggestions from the system according to the previously determined category portion will be depicted with a red line. Apart from that, you can also see a review of which cycles were selected for the calibration process by clicking on the highlighted blue text.
  5. At the very bottom, you can see a list of calibrated employees. Here, you can perform several actions.

    No. Button/Column Name Description
    1 Column filters Filter the columns displayed in the list by clicking this button and checking the column names provided in the dropdown.
    2 Employee category filter Filter employee categories based on Branch, Organization, and so on.
    3 Search bar You can search for employee names by typing keywords here.
    4 Calibrated conclusion

    Super Admin or designated contributors can make changes to the categories of each employee here.

    Next, the graph above will automatically adjust to the changes made. If you have determined the portion for each category, you can use the red suggested line as a reference for the calibration process.

    5 Employee calibration log Click to open the history of calibration actions for each employee.
    6 View results Click to open the employee review results one by one.

    - You can filter the review results by clicking on the columns in the blue highlight above.
    - Click the “cross” icon to return to the calibration details page.

This is a guide on how to manage calibration history and details. Furthermore, you can learn how to view detailed review results, here.