How to Manage the Candidate Hiring Process in Manpower Planning

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After your Headcount or Replacement application has been approved, if you have integrated the Manpower Planning Feature with Talenta Recruitment, you can do several things as follows. However, you need to contact the Talenta team at to connect Manpower Planning with Talenta Recruitment.

Here are the steps.

A. Create Job Vacancies

  1. On the main Talenta page, go to the Employee menu then select Manpower Planning.
  2. Click the “Pipeline hiring” tab.
    pasted image 0 - 2023-10-18T143213.004.png
  3. Then click the "Create job vacancy" button. Then you will automatically be directed to the Create a Job Talenta Recruitment page.
    pasted image 0 - 2023-10-18T143226.621.png
  4. You can also create job vacancies based on positions submitted on the Requisition tab.
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  5. Click the "Action" button and select Create job vacancy to immediately create a job vacancy. Or you can select View details to see details of the recruitment process.
    pasted image 0 - 2023-10-18T143313.862.png

    The Create job vacancy option is only available if the vacancy has not been created (Hiring status: Hiring not started).

  6. If you select View details, you will be directed to this view. Here you will also be asked to create a job vacancy. Learn how to create a vacancy on Talenta Recruitment by clicking here.
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B. Pemenuhan Karyawan (Fulfilment) 

After the recruitment process has been carried out and you have found the right candidate, then you can carry out the finishing process, namely fulfillment.

  1. If the candidate has received (accepted) the offer letter sent. Then you can then register the candidate as an employee in the Talenta Payroll database.
  2. Then on the Requisition Manpower Planning Talent tab, you can click "Action" and select View details on the job position you want to fulfill.
    pasted image 0 - 2023-10-18T143431.908.png
  3. Then, click "Select candidate" to select the selected candidate whose payroll database you have previously registered with Talenta.
    pasted image 0 - 2023-10-18T144303.146.png
  4. Click "employee name" on the left, after that the employee's name will move to the right. Then click "Save" to save.
    pasted image 0 - 2023-10-18T144345.740.png
  5. After the approval process is successful, the status will change to Approve and the hiring status will change to Fulfilled, which means that the application for new employees for the job position has been fulfilled.
    pasted image 0 - 2023-10-18T144359.072.png

That is an explanation of how to manage the candidate hiring process in Manpower Planning. Next, learn about the Pipeline Hiring menu in Manpower Planning by clicking here.