How to Start the Onboarding Process as an Employee

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If you are a new employee, the company can implement an Onboarding process. You can do this process through Mekari Talenta HRIS for employees. In this Onboarding process, several tasks are given to employees. 

To complete the Onboarding task as an employee at Talenta, you can follow the steps below.

  1. If you are in the onboarding process, a banner like this will appear on your Talenta main page.
  2. Click “See task” to see details of onboarding in progress.
  3. Then you will be directed to the Onboarding page. On this page, you can review your personal data information. Additionally, you can also see a list of tasks that you need to complete.

    Click on the task name to open the task details as follows.
    OBEMPLOYEE3A.png- Download the assignment file by clicking the “download” icon on the assignment name. Then, if you have to fill in the assignment, once you have finished filling it in, upload it again by clicking the "attach" icon as shown in the image above.
    - Click and change the status if the task has been completed.

  4. If there is a form, click the "open" icon to open a form that has not been filled in, marked with the status "Not submitted".

    Then, you will be directed to the form page. Click "Start" to complete the form.

  5. If there are documents attached by the company for you, such as handbooks, SOPs, NDAs, and so on, you can download them by clicking the "download" icon.
  6. You can see photos, names, and positions of colleagues in your division in the Colleagues list. Click “See more” to see other colleagues. In addition, you can also see the work location assigned to you in the Work location list by clicking the “open” icon.

    If you open Work location, you will be directed to a map page of the specific location where you work as follows.

This is a guide on how to start the onboarding process for employees via Talenta ESS.