How to Clock-in and Clock-out On-call Schedule/Shift on Talenta Mobile ESS

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On-call shift is an attendance feature that helps companies for certain emergency conditions. One example can be found in the emergency scenario of the medical profession. During emergency times and conditions, your supervisor can assign an On-call shift schedule via Talenta. 

  1. Hence, you will get a notification like the following on the Talenta Mobile App.
    Or, you receive a notification message in the Inbox menu as follows in the Talenta Mobile App.
  2. If you open the notification, you will see the detailed On-call schedule along with its description. Make sure you are on standby on that date until the shift time is determined.
  3. Therefore, if the on-call shift time has been determined, you will get a push notification like this.
  4. If today is your on-call schedule date, there will be a blue notification on the main page of the Talenta Mobile App as in the following image.
  5. If today is your On-call shift schedule, then there is a description of On-call shift . In this information, you can see the date, start time (for clock-in), and end time (for clock-out) of the On-call shift on the Talenta Mobile main page.
  6. You can also see On-call shift information on the Live Attendance page.

This is a guide on how to attend attendance if you get an on-call or on-call shift schedule. If you experience problems during attendance, make sure you have studied the live attendance selfie guide here.