Talenta Onboarding Overview

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Onboarding  is a feature for managing a series of activities assigned to employees who have just joined the company. After a new employee is invited to Talenta, the employee's data is transferred to this page. Therefore, you can manage all the employee onboarding processes here.

- This guide shows the latest display of the Onboarding feature. The older appearance of this feature will soon be deprecatedAdditionally, this feature is only available on the Enterprise/Plus/360 plan. Contact our support team at info-hr@mekari.com to upgrade your plan or to get more information.
- In the meantime, you can learn about the new look of the Onboarding feature in this guide or watch the video tutorial by clicking here.

Here is an overview of the Onboarding page on Talenta.

  1. Log in to your Talenta Account, then select Company.
  2. Then, select  "Onboarding".
    2. png
  3. Then, you will be redirected to the following view.
    3. png
    No. Button/Column Name Description
    1 Settings If you need to make Onboarding settings in Settings, click this button.
    2 Filter This column serves to filter the list of new employee names that are Onboarding. You can filter by  Job position  and  Onboarding status.
    3 Guidebook shortcuts This button will direct you to this guidebook.
    4 Search bar Type certain keywords to find employee data on the Onboarding list.
    5 Checkbox Tick the checkbox if you want to perform bulk actions. 
    6 Actions Click this button to perform certain actions on that employee. Start onboard  on  Ready onboard status  or  Complete onboarding  on  In progress status.  Apart from that, you can also  see the Onboarding Details  on  both statuses.
    7 Details Click this button to open the details page.

This is a brief explanation of the Onboarding page on the Company menu in Talenta.