How to View the Details of Review Results

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After creating a new cycle review (Performance, Competency, and Evaluation) on Talenta Performance, you as the Super Admin can view the details of the results of the review given. Here are the steps:

  1. On the Cycle Review page, click “Actions” on the cycle you want to see details for. Then, click "View details".
    pasted image 0 - 2023-09-21T170327.371.png
  2. On the next page, select "Actions" then "Details".
    pasted image 0 - 2023-09-21T170348.821.png
  3. Click "View result" on the employee list that has been reviewed.
    pasted image 0 - 2023-09-21T170400.967.png
  4. Then, you can see the display of the review and goals assessment form as follows.
    pasted image 0 - 2023-09-21T170429.249.png

    - The system will calculate the final score based on the weight of the goal determined in making the cycle.

This is a guide on how to view detailed reviews on Talent Performance. Furthermore, you can learn how to manage review cycles that have been made on Talent Performance here.